Signposting is about “helping patients choose the best help the first time”

We do this by

  • Asking the reason for the appointment – this is treated in the strictest confidence by the receptionist and is only required so the receptionist can direct you to the correct appointment/service. If your problem is personal, that is fine; you do not have to give a reason.
  • Service information – the reception will direct you to the best service depending on your appointment reason. This may be a doctor’s appointment, however often there are alternatively services which a patient can self-refer to without seeing a GP.
  • Patient choice – when you are in full possession of the information, you can make an informed decision about your care.
  • Independence – you will feel more in control of your own care because you are actively making decisions.

Signposting Website

You can skip the surgery and go direct to many health services by visiting for more info.

Furthermore you can find advice about looking after many minor illnesses at home, go to for more info.