Progesterone only Contraception Pill Review

There is limited benefit of a face to face pill check for a proportion of the women taking the progesterone only contraception pill. It’s a relatively safe medication with limited contraindications so the GP has designed this questionnaire to screen for those women who would still benefit from a pill check appt.

This questionnaire is for a routine review of your current contraception. If you are experiencing any problems with your contraception or you would like to discuss changing your contraception please contact the surgery.  

You can complete the questionnaire two ways:

  • Through the NHS App – click here for instructions, click here to find out how to download the NHS App
  • Complete the Questionnaire – Request the questionnaire be sent straight to your phone via an online request click here and select admin query and ‘I need help with something else’ and type Please can you send me to progesterone only questionnaire.

Depending upon your answers, you will be contacted (often by text message) if your repeat prescription has been issued or if you need to be seen in clinic for a further assessment.

If you have access a NHS App account, you can access this questionnaire from your account by logging in and clicking questionnaires. After you have filled it in, it will be sent automatically to us.