New System Launch 4th March 2024

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On the 4th March, we will be opening up a new method for patients to contact us, our online portal, which is accessible at the top of our home page here or through the NHS App which we encourage all patients to download. This is already being used for admin queries, but from the 4th March you will be able to submit a medical query which will go to the GP where it will be reviewed for the most appropriate action. This unique link comes directly to the practice inbox so there is no need to call to check if we have received it, your form will be dealt with in a timely manner and you will receive an appropriate outcome.

Please don’t worry if you don’t have access to online, if you call reception they can fill the form out for you on your behalf and your form will all go into the same list, so no method of contact will be prioritised over another.

We have chosen to move to this new system because we understand our current way of booking has its challenges for patients and ourselves, so we hope you can support this change and bear with us while we imbed this new system.