Dry January 2024

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Dry January® Are you in?

As we kick off the new year, we want to share an exciting opportunity for positive change with you—Dry January! This campaign encourages you to take a break from alcohol for the entire month, offering numerous health benefits and a chance to start the year on a fresh note.

Embarking on a 31-day journey without alcohol can bring you remarkable and evident advantages, from heightened energy levels and financial savings to enhanced concentration and an uplifted mood. Beyond the surface, this intentional break from alcohol has profound internal benefits. Scientific research supports that abstaining from alcohol for a month can result in decreased blood pressure, cholesterol levels, diabetes risk, and a reduction in cancer-related proteins in the blood.

By participating in Dry January® from Alcohol Change UK, you significantly increase your likelihood of successfully completing an alcohol-free month. The comprehensive set of tools, when utilised alongside the support of like-minded individuals, provides a two-fold boost compared to attempting the challenge independently.

When you sign up for Dry January®, you gain exclusive access to an array of invaluable resources, including Try Dry® (the official app of Dry January), daily coaching emails, a private Facebook community, dedicated web content, and inspiring social media content that continues throughout January and beyond.

Unlike a fleeting resolution, Dry January® is strategically crafted by behaviour change experts to facilitate lasting transformation. It empowers you to break free from ingrained habits and instill positive, long-term changes. This initiative reinforces the understanding that you do not require alcohol to derive enjoyment, relaxation, celebration, or solace. By participating, you regain control over your drinking habits. Notably, research indicates that 70% of Dry January® participants experience significantly improved well-being and diminished alcohol-related health risks six months later. To visit the official Dry January webpage, click here