Travel Advice

If you would like travel vaccination advice, you must first complete a travel questionnaire which you can collect from reception. After you bring this in/or post it we will book a telephone consultation with the nurse who will discuss your travel arrangements and advise on what vaccinations you require. She will arrange a face to face appointment at this time if necessary.

Non-urgent advice: We are unable to administer Yellow Fever vaccination

This vaccination can only be given at designated centres. For more information or to find your local designated centre please visit  NHS Choices website.

Also there is a national shortage of typhoid and Hepitatis A vaccine,meaning we are limited as to how many of these we can administer per month and they will be offered to patients on a first come first serve basis.

It is important to make this initial appointment for at least 6-weeks in advance of travelling.  This is because travel vaccines often need ordering or prescribing, so you may need another visit to have these vaccinations administered.  Additionally, some travel vaccines are chargeable.